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Nothing happens without intention!

Imagine being to live the life you deserve. By utilising the power of the subconscious mind you are able to make positive changes in your life that will empower you for good – and then you can start to get “less of what you don’t want….and more of what you do want.”

Thanks to science, the benefits of modern clinical hypnotherapy has been well documented….so if you are looking for friendly caring professional hypnotherapy go ahead now and book your FREE face to face initial consultation.


Please Click below to watch this short video to find out how hypnotherapy can help you.

To add value to your hypnosis experience my sessions are extended to include NLP, EFT Tapping, Hypnocom technology, biofeedback and specially recorded hypnosis relaxation music with binaural beats. You will also receive complementary back up CD.



As a trained, licenced consultant I run the tried and tested Hypnoslimmer programme.slimmer Hypnoslimmer is the world leader in hypnotic natural weight control, hypnotherapy and the optional Virtual Hypno Gastric Band.

More and more people are now reaping the benefits of using hypnosis for weight control.  This is a 4 week structured programme and includes modern clinical hypnosis, NLP, and mind technology to safely and effectively re – program your subconscious mind…. allowing you to lose weight in a natural way….without dieting or calorie counting.

Call now to check on availability and start to get the body shape you want.

METALOGOHIGHRESAs one of the few Law of Attraction (LOA) Hypnosis practitioners in the UK I have put together a process called Accelerated Meta Change-ology©  to utilise (LOA) and embed into the subconscious using hypnosis – so that you can start to achieve your goals and get “less of what you don’t want….and more of what you do want”.

The concept behind the Law of Attraction is that we all generate our own life circumstances through energy and vibration. Our vibration attracts things we want – and we also draw in things we don’t want. Accelerated Meta Change-ology© teaches you how LOA works and utilises the power of your subconscious mind through hypnosis – so that it becomes easier for you to attract more of the positive and specific things you desire into your life.  This includes RELATIONSHIPS WELLBEING • ABUNDANCE • HEALTH • WEALTH • CAREER SUCCESS SPORTS PERFORMANCE HAPPINESS etc. These 1-2-1 sessions are extremely popular and there is a waiting list – so please call now and book in advance on the next available dates.

My Mind Body Hypnosis private practice is located at LHRC & The Good Health Therapy Centre in Bolton Lancashire and I deal with clients throughout the North West region.

Treatment Room 2Large Treatment RoomConsulting Room

IMG_5424 (Shirt)I am committed to helping you and I offer a completely FREE face to face initial consultation, without obligation. This enables you to find out more about hypnotherapy, ask me questions, discuss your specific situation – and then make an informed decision (without any pressure) before booking a hypnotherapy session,

It also enables me to find out more about you, and the issues you are coming to see me about.

So, go ahead….because now would be a good time to call Graham on 01204 598558 ….or email through the website contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you!



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