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Hello, I’m Graham Stuart and I run Mind Body Hypnosis and the Bolton Hypnotherapy & NLP Centre.

For the past 30 years I have been helping individuals and businesses to improve their wellbeing, overcome the negative challenges they face in life – and empowering them to achieve their Number One Priority in life and the “success” they really want.

Most already know that hypnosis is a powerful tool in dealing with negative issues such as smoking cessationstress, anxiety and weight control etc. However, more and more people are now using hypnosis to create more empowerment, happiness and success in their life. here are just a few familiar names who have benefited from hypnosis; David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Albert Einstein, Matt Damon, Orlando Bloom, Ellen Degeneres, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Ben Afleck, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Costner, Britney Spears and more.

I focus on your personal empowerment, combining modern Clinical Hypnosis with Personal Development coaching. It’s a value added benefit that enables you benefit from hypnosis AND learn some everyday techniques to help you to get from “where you are, to where you want to be“.

I will put together your bespoke, friendly, confidential hypnosis sessions, which usually  last around 2 hours. To enhance the experience I utilise modern Hypno-com technology with stereo headphones and specially recorded hypnosis music that includes binaural beats and Theta frequencies.

You can book a FREE initial face to face consultation without obligation – so that you can find out I can answer your questions.

Single sessions can be booked or you can take advantage of my exclusive cost effective “Accelerated Meta Change-ology © programme of 2-4 sessions (8 Hours). This empowerment hypnosis and coaching programme also utilises Law Of Attraction hypnosis to help you identify and achieve your Number One Priority in life. Maybe this is for job, career, relationships, business, better lifestyle, create more income, find new opportunities or whatever success means to you right now.


For the record, I am trained and certified in Law of Attraction Hypnosis, both in the UK and through the Global Sciences Foundation in USA, instructed by Dr. Joe Vitale, Star of the Movie “The Secret“, author of over 50 Books including “The Attractor Factor” and “The Key” – and Dr. Steve G. Jones, NLP Master Trainer, Clinical hypnotherapist and Founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

I am a co-founder of Mind Enhancement Systems, which was created to provide “plug and play” guided audio recordings (MP3’s) with brain wave stimulating technology. You can find a link to Mind Enhancement Systems website at the foot of this page.

Before calling me on 01204 598558, why not watch this short video on hypnosis and then read the testimonial below.

Testimonial from Andy Hall – Mentoring Development Executive at Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub – September 10, 2015, 2:07 PM

“Graham has been a great support for both my clients and myself. He has mentored many of our mentees and has provided expert guidance in tackling the BIG issues surrounding personal development. By giving his time to those who need it most demonstrates his strong ethics and values.

Graham has helped me personally and his skills have enabled me to become a better decision maker and to be more productive. I simply can’t put a price on the support Graham has given me. However, this testimonial may go some to way to say “thank you so much” for being a great influence for my clients (and my) development.

Graham is professional, skilled, works ethically and confidentially – highly recommended”

My Mind Body Hypnosis private practice is located on the first floor at LHRC (opposite ASDA), 510 Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge in Bolton Lancashire. there is plenty of parking locally and easy access.

I also offer flexible appointments (including early mornings, some evening and weekends) because I appreciate that you will have personal and work commitments. Why not take the next step now and book your FREE initial consultation on 01204 598558 so that you can find out more and I can answer your questions.

if you are interested in powerful MP3 guided audio downloads with Audiostroobe® technology you can visit the Mind Enhancement Systems website – click here

Graham Stuart – Dip Hyp, GQHP, GHR, I.S.C.H, ABNLP

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