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Hello, my name is Graham Stuart. I am a Personal Development Coach, NLP Coach and certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

For almost 30 years I have been helping people to make positive changes in their life – so that they can become more successful, improve their wellbeing, overcome limiting beliefs, deal with negative issues that hold them back – and create the life they really want.

Much more than this, I also teach you some powerful techniques and give you the tools to develop your own Personal Success Blueprint.

Success is 80% Psychology, and 20% Mechanics”  – Tony Robbins. 

amc-new-logoHere are a few testimonials from clients:

“Graham is very effective and exceeded my expectations” – Mr D.S. (MD of Environmental Company)

“The need  for Personal Development, Mental Resilience, Life Skills and Emotional Intelligence is vital to so many people and having met Graham Stuart I am sure that he can help meet your concerns.” – Roy Cavanagh MBE

“Each session re-enforced the previous session. The hypnotherapy and visualisation technique had profound results for me” – Mr B.R. (Director of I.T Company)

I overcame limiting beliefs, developed new positive habits and found my purpose.  It all came together like a jigsaw puzzle and the hypnotherapy sessions were very powerful for me”  – Mrs C.R. (MD of Occupational Health Training Business)

“Being able to become more effective and productive will now help me to achieve my goals in life” – Mr P.S. (MD of I.T Consultancy)

“Working with Graham’s has changed my life in so many positive ways and enabled me to have a new outlook on life” – Mrs R.W. (Therapist)

“When I originally came to see Graham for a consultation I thought I was suffering from depression. However, after removing the negative blocks that were holding me back I became inspired and able to make a breakthrough.         –  Mr J.H. (Teacher)

You may already know that many well known people have also benefited from hypnosis to make positive changes in their life; David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Albert Einstein, Matt Damon, Orlando Bloom, Ellen Degeneres, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Ben Afleck, Drew Barrymore and many more.

change your life words on post-itMy work combines modern Clinical Hypnosis with Personal Development and other holistic processes, where appropriate. We will work together in a confidential friendly environment and the sessions will be 1hour 30mins to 2 hours long.

I use Hypno-com technology with stereo headphones and specially recorded hypnosis music that includes binaural beats and Theta frequencies to enhance the relaxation experience.

You can benefit from a FREE initial face to face consultation (or telephone consultation) without obligation – so that you can find out more and ask me any questions before you decide to go ahead and book.


Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? You may also be interested to know that I have been trained and certified in Law of Attraction Hypnosis, both in the UK and through the Global Sciences Foundation in USA, instructed by Dr. Joe Vitale, Star of the Movie “The Secret” and Dr. Steve G. Jones, NLP Master Trainer, Clinical hypnotherapist and Founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

Before calling me on 01204 598558 to arrange your FREE consultation why not watch the short video below to find out how hypnosis can work for you.

LOGOHIGHSo, if you are now ready to make the positive changes you want in life – go ahead and book your FREE consultation by calling me on 07870 222771.

I look forward to helping you.

Graham Stuart – Dip Hyp, GQHP, GHR, I.S.C.H, ABNLP

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