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When you consider situations more closely you find that most people with unwanted negative issues are just “stuck” and looking for a way to change – to get from where they are to where they ideally want to be.

The Stranger Within – does this sound familiar?

When How - iStock_000017434800XSmallWe are all born a special, unique person. As a baby, we have a blank mind like a sponge, without any experience or baggage. All we need is love, nurishment and protection. Babies don’t need an i-Phone a TV, a car, computers, jewllery, the latest clothes or X-Factor. As a baby, we don’t have any phobias, we don’t need cigarettes, we don’t hate anyone, we are not jealous and we don’t have any predjudices.

….as we continue to grow we have dreams of being “whatever we want”, without boundaries, living in a fantasy world, feeling free and imagining our perfect future life. Then, something happens as we grow older because other people start to force their ways, ideas and habbits upon us. We become influenced by them and society. They tell us how to act, make us conform, wear certain clothes, hair styles, they tell us we should have a certain type of job or pressure us to follow in the career path of others. We end up buying into their ways and their beliefs resulting in bagage we don’t want. Those dreams we once had just fade away slowley and we often end up in relationships that don’t serve us well, doing a job we dislike, feeling like we are just exististing….feeling somehow lost. Then, at some point in in the future, we finally realise that we have been living someone else’s life….and that it doesn’t have to be like that after all. We realise that we just need the courage to step out of our comfort zone….and be our true selves, to make the changes that will empower us…. to live our own life and reach our full potential.

I wonder if you have ever considered the immence power you already possess in your subconscious mind, the power you have to make change ….to live the life you want.

Imagine how good your life would feel if you could remove negative feelings or unwanted issues. Imagine if you could see your life differently and remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back, become a more confident person, get rid of fear, anxiety, stress, phobias, pain, self sabatage, low self-esteem, being overweight, smoking, addictions, insomnia or other issues you may have.

So what are you waiting for? The benefits of hypnotherapy are well documented and you can literally “change your mind”, safely and quickly so that you can take the opportunity to get rid of unwanted behaviour, to have the life you want and to reach your full potential.

If that sounds like music to your ears you can start to get a grip of your life right now….without further delay and make the poisitive changes you need for a brighter future.

Consulting RoomMy Clinical Mind Body Hypnotherapy practice is located at The Good Health Therapy Centre in Bolton Lancashire. I help people in all areas of hyopnotherapy including stress management, anxiety, relaxation, mindfulness, limiting beliefs, confidence, motivation, learning, sleep dissorders, pain, cravings, phobias, smoking cessation and weight control…to name a few.

Large Treatment RoomIn addition to my “Mind Body” Hypnotherapy practice there are five luxury treatment rooms within The Good Health Therapy Centre, with different professionally qualified therapists whose goal is to help clients lead a healthier, fitter and more successful lifestyle. This includes a sports injury clinic, physiotherapy centre and several other therapeutic treatments.

IMG_5424 (Shirt)The Centre is owned by Dougie Tobutt who developed the Thermal Stone Massage, Medistone therapy. Dougie is the UK’s leading Medistone practitioner and trainer.

I work in a transparant manner and offer all clients a completly FREE initial consultation, without obligation. This enables you to find out more about hypnotherapy, ask questions and make an informed decision without any pressure. It also enables me to find out more about you, and the unwanted issues you are coming to see me about. In conclusion, it allows both of us to decide whether we want to work together because appointment time is in demand. Hence I am only able to work with clients who are fully committed to change and resolving their unwanted issues, feelings and behaviours.