About Me

Mind Body Hypnosis – Bolton Hypnotherapy & NLP Centre

Hello, I’m Graham Stuart and for the past 35 years I have been working with individuals and businesses to help them change  negative limiting challenges and achieve their positive outcomes – through a combination of coaching, training and hypnotherapy.

The difference between the service I provide and other therapists is that I not only do the therapy sessions with you – I also teach you techniques that you can use yourself.

My private Mind Body Hypnosis practice is located in Bolton, Lancashire where I have a purpose built office and hypnotherapy room.

I offer a completely FREE initial telephone or Zoom consultation so that you can talk through your current situation and find out more about my work.

Here are just a few of the testimonials from others I have worked with:

“Graham has been a great support for both my clients and myself. He has mentored many of our mentees and has provided expert guidance in many areas; business growth, strategy, confidence and tackling the BIG issues surrounding personal and business development. By giving his time to those who need it most demonstrates his strong ethics and values.

Graham has helped me personally and his therapy skills have enabled me to become a better decision maker and to be more productive. I simply can’t put a price on the support Graham has given me. However, this testimonial may go some to way to say “thank you so much” for being a great influence for my clients (and my) development.” – Andy Hall Mentoring Development Executive at Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub 

Graham is professional, skilled, works ethically and confidentially – highly recommended. “Graham is professional, warm, open and honest. When I first came to see him I was open minded and working with Graham exceeded my expectations. I have been looking for something like this for years. Don’t rule anything out!” – Mr Josh R – Manchester

“Each session re-enforced the learning’s from the previous one. The visualisation technique session in particular had profound results for me” – Mr B.R. (Director of I.T Company)

“The goal setting visualisation techniques will have a positive impact on my business” – Mrs S.S. (MD of Health & Safety Training Company)

I learned how to overcome limiting beliefs, develop new positive habits and found my WHY.  It all came together like a jigsaw puzzle for me in the final session”  – Mrs C.R. (MD of Occupational Health Training Business)

“Being able to change the way I think and become more effective and productive will help me to achieve my goals” – Mr P.S. (MD of I.T Consultancy)

You are likely to have a few questions so feel free to call me for a Free initial consultation now on 07870 222771  Alternatively, drop me an email graham@mindbodyhypnosis.co.uk