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Mindfulness – The Key To Resilience

My Mindfulness Stress Resilience programme that consists of four 2 hour sessions 8 hours in total), including guided meditation and hypnosis.

Mindfulness elevates your physical, psychological and social well-being, while counteracting the effect of stressors that can lead to burnout, through enhancing your resilience.

The thing that is missing for many sufferers of stress and burnout is resilience, which enables you to adapt adequately in challenging situations. Mindfulness practices are scientifically proven to develop a long-term state of resilience, as well as self-regulation of your emotions and mental flexibility.  Studies have shown that mindfulness is associated with resilience toward stress and burnout, while enabling people to disengage from unhealthy, negative, automatic behavioural patterns.

The connection between mindfulness and resilience

Our personal experience of reality depends largely on our present state of consciousness, or as it was put by Anaïs Nin, we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. Our perceptions and states are the foundation upon which we build our world, including all our successes and failures.

People who feel that they stuck in stressful situations are usually unable to find a solution until they shift their mode of perception i.e. open up their awareness  in order to reveal a satisfying solution. As stress levels increase, more and more people are seeking help so that they can understand and learn mindfulness practices, which they can utilise in their life.

Self Empowerment and Resilience

Mindfulness enables people to enhance internal awareness of their thoughts and emotions, while at the same time, having an improved external sensory awareness. This heightened awareness brings about a calm and centred state. Through coaching and hypnosis you can learn how to facilitates an open, receptive and grounded state of consciousness which leads to more empowered, creative and resourceful responses in the face of challenging situations.

Graham runs the Mind Body Hypnosis practice and teaches clients how to use Mindfulness in their daily lives to reduce stress and build up mindful resilience that can improve their lives. For a FREE face to face consultation call Graham on 01204 598558 or email him through the contact page on this website.