MP3 Downloads

Powerful Hypnotherapy MP3 Downloads

If you are unable to have a 1-2-1 or Skype hypnotherapy session with me then these powerful Guided Hypnotherapy Recordings (MP3’s) may be of benefit. You can easily listen to them on your device (laptop, smartphone or tablet) and listen with stereo headphones for best effect.

Each specially created MP3 Recording contains Guided Voice Narrative, Relaxation Hypnosis Music and Holistic Alpha/Theta Brainwave Frequencies to reprogram your subconscious mind with positive suggestions.

All of these products have been subsidized and discounted by up to 70% to make them affordable and to help as many people as possible. Simply click on the product links below to find out full details of what is included.

Please note that these products are hosted on a secure independent payment platform.

  Guided Hypnosis Hypno-Stop Smoking Now Program

  Guided HypnosisHypno-Slim Body Shape 12 Week Program

Guided HypnosisConfident Presentations & Public Speaking Program

  Guided HypnosisNLP & Hypnosis Subconscious Mind Training Program

⇒  Guided Hypnosis Law of AttractionHypnosis & Training Program

Guided Hypnosis – Overcome Insomnia – Restful Sleep Program

  Guided Hypnosis – Successful Job & Career Program

⇒  Guided Hypnosis MP3 – Awaken The Story Of You

  Guided Hypnosis MP3 – Chakra Balancing & Immune System Boost

⇒  Guided Hypnosis (3 x MP3’s) – MotivationStress & AnxietyMindfulness & Inner Focus

⇒  Guided Hypnosis Bundle – 11 x MP3’s, Plus 6 Personal Development E-Books